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Sniper 3D Guide to Currencies

How to earn free diamonds in sniper 3d game?

Sniper 3D Currency Guide for You to Earn them Legally

People are spending much time on video games, and the variety of games is available on the internet. Today one of the top viral games is The Sniper 3D.

The game is based on gun shooting, and there are lots of missions for growing well. The player will enjoy first-person shooter mode and target huge numbers of attackers. In which one big city is full of several terrorists, and they all want to smash citizens.

You are playing the role of hero for saving them. You can download the game by Google store or official game website. It is free for everyone, but for a better experience, we need to pay some amount of real money.

Along with gameplay, you need to know about weapons and how to upgrade them. Enormous weapons are present for us, and you can also customize them.

Currency is valuable for everyone, and in this guide, we are telling types of currencies.

Major currencies in the game:

Coins and diamonds are an essential currency for everyone, so you should store a big amount of it.

The players can invest the currency in several kinds of upgrades and purchase new gadgets and guns for making a powerful position in the game. Collecting currency is also a challenging task for us, but some easy ways are always helpful for us. Here they all are listed:


Coins are the basic currency in the game, and we will earn it by completing several missions.

In the beginning, some free amount of coins is beneficial for leveling up.


Diamond is another currency for buying lots of new items, and you can increase your speed in the game.

We can earn a sufficient amount of currency by joining challenging tasks, and the players should track investments of it.

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